Fire Code Regulations

Common Violations

The Fire Prevention Section of the Tucson Fire Department provides fire prevention inspections for local occupancies on an ongoing basis. Over the years Inspectors have found that a few fire code violations seem to be encountered more often than others regardless of occupancy. In order to make the public more aware of these violations several of them have been listed below.

Exit Signs

Exit signs must be maintained and signs are required to be internally or externally illuminated. Most of these signs have internal light bulbs that will need to be replaced periodically.

Annual Inspections

Portable fire extinguishers, building fire sprinkler systems, and building fire alarm systems are required to be inspected annually. These inspections must be conducted by qualified testing or servicing personnel. Records of these inspections must be kept on the premises. These inspections are to insure that emergency equipment is kept in good operating condition and is available in case of an emergency.

Exit Obstructions

Access to an exit, exit doors, and areas of exit discharge are required to be maintained free from obstructions that would delay egress by the occupants of the building. The number and type of exits in buildings are required in order to assure that everyone can safely escape during an emergency. Blocking an exit would interfere with that level of safety that is built into the occupancy.

Address Numbers

Address numbers on buildings are required to conform to Pima County addressing requirements. The size of address numbers is regulated in order to allow citizens and responding emergency personnel to identify the occupancy from the street. (link to address number page)

Electrical Equipment

Extension cords are made for temporary use with portable appliances. These cords should not be affixed to walls, run under carpets or doors, be subject to environmental or physical damage, or be used as a substitute for permanent wiring.

Multi-plug adapters such as cube adapters and un-fused plug strips are prohibited. These adapters are easily overloaded and are a major cause of electrical fires.